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 Forum Rules

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The Legendary Nightmare
The Legendary Nightmare

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Sun Oct 02, 2011 2:45 am

General Rules

We can find out if you're lying or trying to frame someone else for something YOU did. So don't try to get around us.
Forum Rules:

1. Register with your in-game name:

Anyone that we can not recognize needs to be introduced properly so we know who you are. If you register with an unrecognized name you'll be deleted.

2. Advertising:

DO NOT ADVERTISE ON THIS FORUM. All advertising will be deleted and your account may be deleted with an IP ban.

3. Posting:

Only post relevant information where it belongs. DO NOT post something where it does not belong.. like posting SPAM in the GUIDES section... that's bad. Thread titles must be meaning full and not begging or any sort of ambiguous information. like if you're posting in the help section about client problems, etc. it should be titled "[HELP] Client Installation Error (vista)"

4. Flaming:

NO flaming, spamming, bad-mouthing, or anything like that unless section is specifically for it.

5. Respect:

Be respectful of the other players on this game/site/forum. You give respect, you get respect.

6. Cussing/Insensitive language:

This relates to respect. Use of any derogatory language that discriminates from age, race, gender, social class, sexual preference, origin, mental state, mental capabilities, or any curse words in ANY LANGUAGE is strictly prohibited and you WILL be punished. REMEMBER, there are some young people that play this game and are on this forum.

7. Posting Tags:

Please use appropriate tags for important posts

These tags include:

[HELP] - Request help from a website admin/Guild Master/Alliance Master/Assistant Guild Master.
[GUIDE] - Post a step-by-step guide about the game or website.
[RELEASE] - This is to be used with SKIN tag or DOWNLOAD tag. Example: if you're releasing a skin for 3rd SM wing = [RELEASE - SKIN] 3RD SM WING IN ICE CRYSTALS.
[INFO] - To be used by admin posting information that is important.
[UPDATE] - To be used by admin posting about a update for the forum/website.
[SOLVED] - Admin team members will use this to mark a problem as solved.

8. Copyright Rules:

If you're posting a guide, image, video, or other media, that you did not personally create, you MUST give credit where credit is due! If it was created by YOU, then you must give credit to yourself! DO NOT POST ANY MEDIA WITHOUT SOME CREDITS ON IT!

HAVE FUN!!! it's just a game... not your life.
For breaking above rules you may be warned/banned appropriately!
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Forum Rules
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